Create a Bitcoin Faucet to generate a passive income

Create your own Bitcoin Faucet

As it is 2016 i assume most of you heard about Bitcoin at this point. If not check out this website and get familiar with the concept before proceeding. Bitcoins changed the way we approach online payments and enabled a decentralized payment system that works for everyone with low fees. As marketer one of the greatest things about Bitcoin is the free Traffic. If you own a shop and allow Bitcoin payments there are thousands of active directories to post your shop to and people will notice. Everything around Bitcoin has the chance for decent traffic easily.

A Bitcoin Faucet

Many people spend their free time trying to make free cash online. We all know this is usually a lucrative but heavily contested niche. Bitcoin Faucets are websites that give out very small amounts of Bitcoin (called Satoshi) to everyone that visits your site and solves a CAPTCHA. These sites are usually clustered with ads and some try other means to generate some extra income. This is a list of active faucets if you want to take a look at what they are.

What is great about a faucet is that traffic comes to you. It is already there and just waits for new faucets to get some Satoshi from. Next to that other users will even promote your faucets as you usually offer an affiliate commission which users happily take. If you follow this guide this is all fully automated, so nothing to worry about.

Earning potential from a Bitcoin Faucet

One must note that it is not as easy as some think. The first weeks will usually not be profitable for you, but you have to see it as investment. You have to start with good payouts and most ad networks will not accent your domain as long as it is not within the top million Alexa sites. But when you build up some back links and earn some reputation you can decrease your payouts and use better and more ad networks and finally really start earning from your investment.

Got you interested so far? Lets build your own Bitcoin Faucet!

What do you need for a Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoins & a Bitcoin Wallet. Yeah it does not work without them, but luckily they are easily to come by. If you do not already have some you can check out LocalBitcoins. Or Google for a Bitcoin ATM in your area. It is recommended to start with at least something like 0.1 BTC (What are about $45 when writing this) but you can also use and see what happens. For a Wallet I recommend Coinbase.

Hosting. You ether go for a shared hosting like with Namecheap, or setup your own server with Digital Ocean. Free Hostings are usually banned from most lists and ad networks, so make sure to pick one that is not flagged and can hold more than a few thousand users a day.

Domain. It is really not important which Domain you choose here. Clearly a nice name is always better than a shitty one. Free Domains again are often banned from ad networks and top lists so you should rather avoid them. As always i recommend Namecheap to buy your domain, if you read this as it is written you can get a lot of extensions for $0.88.

Adsense AccountExcept you get luck with affiliates your main earnings will be Adsense ads. You can max out your ads and place 3 banners and 2 text link blocks on your Faucet. If you create the Adsense Account for the faucet it can happen that it will be declined, but if you already have one it usually does not lead to problems (if you do not use a weak captcha and attract bots at least)

Faucetbox Account. Faucetbox will be the API you use for your Faucet to send out payments. There are also other providers that do something similar but Faucetbox is really the goto place for this as they give a stable and fair service for several years now. Send a few Bitcoins to your Faucetbox account as well.

This is all you really need to get started, you can figure out the rest (mostly other ad networks to use) later in the process. I will not go trough the process of how to upload a script to your Hoster or create a database. Your hosting provider or otherwise Google will provider you with the knowledge for that.

Installing the Bitcoin Faucet

The easy and recommended way is to use Faucet in a Box. All you have to do is to download the faucet script, upload it to your hosting provider and create and configure a database.

Checkout the Faucet in a Box website for current install instructions (in the bottom).

If you are a coder and want to create your own Faucet, go for it! If you even have a gamification in mind I can only recommend to do it. More unique faucets generally attract more users, but it is not hard to have a few thousand users a day with default faucet ether.

Configure your Faucet in a Box

After installing the setup will lead you to your personal faucet admin interface. Most options are really up to your own decision. There is not really that much so i recommend to just check them out. I will go trough the important ones which are really needed, the rest is optional.

Under Basic:

Enable Get reward button after some time – Set this to something from 5 to 15 (or even more) to make sure your users have to wait a few seconds before they can claim. This should positively affect some ad networks.

Detect and block users with ad blocking software Check this! Otherwise users with ad blocker will be able to claim coins.

Rewards This is where it gets though. If you pay too much you will not be profitable, if you pay to less users have no interest in your site. Check out some other faucets what the current typical earnings are. You should never offer less than 100 Satoshi per hour and it seems higher rewards, even with a low probability, are generally welcomed.

Under Captcha:

Choose any captcha. Recommended is reCaptcha which is also the only which is bot safe on the most parts. If you manually ad other bot checking mechanisms you may also want to take a look at Solvemedia which pays for solved captchas, but it is also known to be weaker to bot. If you choose reCaptcha just click the “here” in the admin dashboard and create a new site, after which you copy paste the 2 generated keys to back to your faucet dashboard.

If you use Cloudflare, make sure to set the option to Cloudflare under Advanced.

Additionally you could add a list of Tor IPs to your block list under Security. This should be a non issue if you use reCaptcha.

“Design” your Faucet

Make sure to give your Faucet a unique touch. Being it only the name or some changes of the Design. The Faucet in a Box template “Default” offers several easy customization options if you know your way around HTML & CSS just open the file on your hosting at templates/default/index.php. Default is created with Bootstrap and makes it relatively easy to add some nice looking details.

Make sure, whatever you do, to keep in mind that you want to have several places for ads reserved,

Start to earn money with your Bitcoin Faucet

Now that your Bitcoin Faucet is set up and running and even has a unique touch already you can start adding your Ads. At first find some prominent places for your Adsense ads. I just used the Responsive ad and placed one in each sidebar and one at the top of the page. I also edited a Adsense text link bar directly above the claim button and address input. Rather do less than more Adsense blocks.

The next Network you should ad is A-Ads. They make it super simple and accept any site instantly. Also they pay you out in Bitcoin. Coins you can directly reinvest in your faucet or just keep for yourself. Create at least 4 adblocks with A-Ads to maximize your earnings. I placed 1 in each sidebar, and 2 468×60 ones in the Footer.

Another Network which is new sites friendly and pays in Bitcoins is CoinURL. Register on CoinURL and create a few ad slots to your needs. It is recommended to not use more than 2.

Additionally something like PopAds can help to increase your starting income, but you may get less traffic with pop ups.

If you reach a Alexa rank from below a million you want to check out Ad Networks like CoinAd and MellowAds but avoid them until then.

Earning from Bitcoin Affiliate

Next to traditional ad networks a great way to earn additional income is using the affiliate programs from others and earn commissions yourself. For some faucets this even seems to be the most profitable source, others have more luck with ads. But i highly recommend to try a few yourself.

It is always a good idea to include additional faucet links to your faucet. Check the Faucetlist and choose some with high commission and high payouts and link to them with the affiliate URL you get on the faucet. Make a list of them on your faucet and ad additional details to make it more interesting (like the lowest payout amount, …). It is not a bad idea to choose some more unpopular faucets as well so you are more often the first who refers the user to them.

There are also many popular games like which pay a nice amount of affiliate commissions (currently 0.1% on each wagered amount). Just Google for Bitcoin Casino or similar to find additional ones.

In the Bitcoin Wiki is a list of Bitcoin Affiliate programs if you look for some more unique ideas.

Now get your Faucet out there!

This really is the easy part. Make sure to submit your faucet in the Faucetbox Dashboard with the Promo link, this may will take up to a day. I also recommend to add your Faucet to iFaucet. Traditionally you would also add your faucet on Bitcointalk but my most recent faucet did barely get traffic from there any more so you can skip that as well.

Additionally there are hundred of sites you can add your faucet to. A simple google search for “add your faucet” and similar searches bring up several lists where you can submit your faucet to. In my experience this just brings a few back links and you can easily just stick to the Faucetbox list. But more is more, isn’t it?

Now if you have a great commission in place you will soon notice that other faucets and Bitcoin related websites link to your faucet. And after two or three days on the list you should have your first few thousand claims.

Whats next?

When your faucet is up and running and on the way to get a proper Alexa Rank for other Ad Networks (note that this can take weeks :/) all you have to do is to check out how much you earned and try to set your payouts in a way that the faucet is somewhat self sustainable. My adsense earnings usually go up a little after a few days same as A-Ads so dont expect to much from the first few days.

Make sure that your faucet does not run dry. Some lists will flag you and it is sometimes hard to get unflagged again.

Give it some days and experiment with Ad placements and maybe other ad networks. Check out what works for you and soon enough you will be able to create a faucet that pays for itself and creates passive money for yourself.

If everything fails?

In my research i noticed many faucets have some kind of exit plan running, what impressed me and looks like a very good idea. As soon as you have etablished traffic and backlinks but realize you don’t want to do this any further you can always cut the payout to 100 every 1440 minutes or something and still will have a lot of random visitors for a while. Faucets with good traffic are also sometimes sold to other faucets or Bitcoin related sites that can profit from it.

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