Fiverr: my worst experience and why i still like it


Fiverr has a rather bad reputation and I can see why. I really do, I’ve had several bad experiences with it like many of you. But I also had great experiences that were totally worth it, some so good that I even used them again. I think the point is that you need to understand what you are going to get, what is not always easy.

A few classic examples:

  • SEO report for $5: At worst they just send you screenshots of your Keywords in any SEO tool. But honestly, the subscription for those tools usually is more than $5 a month. If you have luck they even throw it in a spreadsheet for you.
  • Logo for $5: 2 Words: Logo Generators. But then again, if all I need is a logo for $5 quality. Why not let someone else check a few things.
  • Traffic/Likes for $5. If you want a sudden spike of 1000 followers which name you can’t even say out loud. Go for it, but don’t be sad when they disappear again very soon.
  • Articles for $5: It is getting better here. Most of it is indeed unique content in my experience. Not perfectly good content, but often good enough.

You also have to understand that $5 often is just a base gig. Writers/Designers will have a variety of additions. Any good logo designer will only offer you at best a detailed sketch of the idea for $5, and $25 up for an actual useable graphic, even more if you want source files as well.

A good example of very bad work.

fiverr mascot

You would guess i did that in Paint to make a point. But no, I actually got that exactly like that. I was thinking about a logo for this blog and all i hand in mind was a sloth, so i thought why not throw it on Fiverr to get some unique ideas, after all it is just $5. I found a Profile that had several well done examples and offered a logo with transparency for just $5. The profile claimed “years of professional graphic design” and a career as “art director”, what could go wrong? I even sent a few simple and minimalistic examples. To good to be true? Not 24 hours later the “Girl” from Pakistan send me this.

At first I just stared at my screen, baffled about what just happened. I then decided to answer nicely and wrote back that I rather would like her to take it back so I don’t have to make a bad rating. Its to potato like for my taste. I tried to be nice. She was online when I wrote that, and was online an hour later when I still had no answer. So I’ve gone to bed.

In the next day I realized that this could be a nice Blog article, and as she still did not answer so I bought the picture (so I could legally use it here) and gave her a 3/2/1 rating. (Communication / Result as described / Would buy again).

my fiverr rating

Only a few minutes later it began:

Pleas sir 5 star ratting pleas

I did not answer at this Point, simply because I had no idea what to say. But she clearly had an idea what to say and proceeded:

pleas sir, please fiverr 5 stars!

Look at the times. My phone was (actually still is) vibrating all few minutes. I answered her that she can try to make it new, but i doubt it would make much difference and that i wont change the stars for nothing because they are actually there for a reason. I also invited her to answer to my rating so she could tell her side of the story. After all that’s how it is supposed to work.

Well she did not care.

fiverr pleas

So I wrote her that I consider this spamming and am not willing to do any further communication. And then clicked the report button what blocked her messaging me. Finally a few minutes without notification. But then she noticed she could still write me on the gig messages…


Honestly I feel like an asshole. On the other side she could have simply declined or react when I made here the offer to cancel it. Now I need the Image for this post. I have had several gigs declined before when sellers told me it is not within their skill set, no issue with that. Also I always paid before even when the result was not that good, but I still am not sure if this is all a big joke. There is nothing remotely good at it, like the person was not even trying.

In the end (>25 messages and about 10 cancel requests later) I blocked her and reported her to the resolution center, because the block only did work for messages but not cancel requests. I also removed the 3 stars for communication, because they are not fair at this point. This was a solid 1/1/1 experience.

This honestly was my worst ever Fiverr experience so far.

The good sides of Fiverr

As I said in the beginning when you know what you can expect it may be still worth it. When i do a keyword research it takes me an hour or two, I mostly feel like I have no idea what I am doing and every tool hides the relevant information behind a subscription. It is way cheaper and more efficient to throw this task on Fiverr, maybe even 2-3 times at the same time and see what you get. I also had 3D renderings done that were simply amazing, I have a Instagram that regularly gets complimented for its Post quality that is 100% filled with images I bought from Fiverr. And I even had luck with some SEO pyramid thingy once (I tried it again and it only hurt my SEO, so don’t try that, especially as soon as you did the request there is no way of going back).

Also almost anything that was worth it did not cost only $5. It is still cheap, and I like how easy it is to find the right person and book the gig. But Fiverr is just Fiverr.

Want to see try it yourself?

Get a free $5 gig when registering with this link

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5 Responses

  1. Evgeni says:

    I agree with the arguments in the article. However, I’ve done close to 100 jobs on Fiverr, and my experience was completely different. People have written 500-line high quality Perl and Python scripts. My papers got proof-read by professionals. I’ve got a good voice-over for 10 minute video.

    • lazy says:

      I havent outsourced much coding but i figured scripts might be not to bad.

      I hope i did not bring it over to bad, because yeah i actually love Fiverr for what it is 🙂

  2. nod says:

    I agree, some of us give great value for your money 😉

  3. Jane says:

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  4. robin says:

    lol, couldnt agree more
    also fiverr this nowaday have a system to have people exploit their loophole.
    did you ever had your buyer to send you a file that you are not allowed to download unless you pay more? can you imagine if that was happened to9 some new member , they are either going to send review or buy that file in source file , which they will more spend more than $30, worst is this kind of people are in level.2!

    old day, fiverr was a fun place either when you need a low budget service, but nowaday mostly seller like robot, they wil keep replying untill you buy their gigs, once u bought, they wont reply on your details in requirement then suddenly send you some rubish at the deadline , while the topseller usually kind of expensive i would go for another seller in another platform which easier to contact and complaint, and their attitude sure the worst actling damn high as we the client need to serve them.

    but seriuosly, i cant stop laughhing when i saw your potatto LOL

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