Flippa. The good & the bad


Flippa is the Marketleader for selling Domains & Websites. They came to this point by being cheaper and especially way more simple than their competitors. Today there is barely a way around Flippa if you sell or buy Domains or Websites.

I’ve had positive and negative experiences with Flippa. It really is a hit and miss. Plus you really need to see which posts are scam and which are not. Because sorrily Flippa does not really care about reselling Boilerplate websites with fake traffic. Not sure if they have to care tho, as they are just the platform. But let’s go on to a few examples.

Buying & Selling Domains

Sometimes you can score really nice Domains for a good price. I am not a fan of having Domains just for selling them, but sometimes a Domainhack is just to good to let it go. I have a few of those and the only way i would let them go is a good price. I rather sit on them for another 10 years than have anyone taking it away from me for nothing.

Sometimes these Domains relist themself 100 times with an unreasonable high minimal price, if a domain gets relisted oftener (you can see the listing history) you can be sure that it wont be a bargain to get it. Also many bigger domain sellers place really questionable information in the Domain description. Like “fubar.com has 1’000’000 visitors a month! fubar.obscurelongtld surely has the same potential!” which is simply not true.

That said selling is a quite different topic. Except you have a very good domain it is likely that the domain will be unsold or the bids never go over $20. You pay ~$9 for a listing on Flippa and even more if you want to profit from some benefits. It is easy to spend more on selling a domain than it is actually worth, and it seems many people run into this trap.

Buying Websites

Buying Websites on Flippa is often described as mine field. There are many people on there who sell mass produced low quality websites pushed with paid fake traffic to make them look worth something. This sorrily is very common. However its not to hard to spot them either. In most cases you want to buy something that has traffic for more than just one month or two, and in that case you are already pretty much safe from these sites.

There are dozens of good projects listed every day. Like seriously good money making websites. However they also cost their price. It is not unlikely to pay 24 times the monthly income, especially when the website is mostly passive. However sometimes you’ll be able to find way cheaper sites as well, when there is more work involved.

Just be careful before buying, and make sure your seller is willing to help you as well.

Selling Websites

This is again a very different Story. Once I’ve sold a Website and there was an Agency on the other side buying it. 5 different people contacted me over about 3 days and the transit was fully done. Painless, easy, perfect really. In another situation the buyer had literally no idea what he was buying, that there was work involved and that hosting an application is work (and by far not free) as well.

You can not exactly pick your buyer (well you can, but its hard to tell which kind of buyer they are until it is too late) so chances are your sale will be a pain.

The other thing is the fee. At somewhere around 10% and sometimes more. Plus the enlisting fee, ad fee, etc it’s really not cheap.

However the exposure you get may be well worth it.

This essentially describes my experience with Flippa.

Do you have experience with them? How did it work out for you? Let us know!

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