ForwardMX – A simple email Forwarding Solution

forwardmx provides a simple solution to receive emails for all your Domains & Side Projects. Instead of having several inboxes which at worst also cost a lot of money you can just forward all your domains (with catch all if wanted) to a central inbox like your private or a custom Gmail / Outlook / Yahoo account. So you make sure to not have to check a lot of mailboxes plus safe time and money.

Disclaimer: This service is done by friends of us 🙂

Email Forwarding is often a extra feature when you buy a Domain with Google Domains or Namecheap. But those free services are usually crowded and emails can take forever. There is usually also not custom privacy terms that make sure you know what happens with your Emails. Both things ForwardMX aims to have solved.

Also if you use a DNS service like Cloudflare you use that functionality.

They host in Switzerland and keep no logs and even less save your emails. Privacy is written big.

Also if ForwardMX only supports receiving emails you can use tricks like with Gmail and Inbox to send emails over the Google SMTP. Therefore building the cheapest professional Email solution that is out there. Domain/Month pricing is maximal $0.15 and is paid yearly. The smallest plan for 5 domains only costs $9 for a complete year. Next to that you can try the first 30 days for free.

There are a few Free solutions doing essentially the same. One beeing Mailgun which enforces the limit of 5 domains and gets expensive after that. Next to beeing rather slow sometimes. Or ImprovMX which is only a single server that tends to be offline for days from time to time.

ForwardMX fills this gap by beeing fast, affordable and private.

If you ever asked yourself how to receive Emails for you domains i can highly recommend to check ForwardMX out!

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