About Lazypreneur

The "lazy" Lifestyle
The "lazy" Lifestyle

Most people would call a Lazypreneur a Wantrepreneur and probably they are even right. But i do follow other motives here. I do not care much about money, i do not want to be or create the next unicorn and i for sure don’t want to replace my 9to5 with something even more demanding.

What i want is enough passive income from diverse enough sources that i can freely travel and be able to enjoy life at its best most of the time without worrying about my next paycheck. My math says we talk about $3000, considering that i would keep my health care and a place to come back to in Switzerland thats really not that much.

And the best is, i am already half there.

My first successful site was more luck than anything, but it teached me a lot and still does. Some things of which i now use for my other ventures and random experiments around passive income, online marketing and social media domination.

This blog is here to document my experiments and what i learn from them. And to show teach you (hopefully unusual) ways to earn a passive side income online. Again its not exactly about getting rich, but the reach a better quality of life trough some extra money on the side. Reducing to 80% in work? Why not! With a little dedication and a good idea those 20% are easier to get than you might think. There is A LOT of money around on the Internet, and just because most of it lands in the Pockets of some few big companies does not mean that we can not take our cut.

Lets find awesome ways to earn passive money online, together!

If you want to write a Article feel free to shot me a mail to info@THISDOMAIN.pw